Kaja Łukasiewicz

Kaja Łukasiewicz

Kaja Łukasiewicz
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The owl is known to be a symbol of intelligence, one who is quiet but strong, and good at reading people, this is perfect for me. My mom has always love the owl !

This is not a fish ... a Veiled Chameleon ... turns colors depending on what it around it!

The Chameleon - Phil Lewis Art - Coloring Books for Adults - Honestly I thought this was a puzzle but wow! I'd love a coloring book like this.

From shazy ... How to train your dragon, toothless, night fury, dragon

Trying out watercolour paper, its really nice to work with. Chibis, or baby night furies, whichever you prefer^^ Toothless& fury (c) Dreamworks and C.Cowell Art (c) shazy