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Gorgeous Portraits of Ballet Dancers Gracefully Moving through the Streets of Mexico City - My Modern Met

Gratitude—that& what New York-based photographer Omar Robles took away with him after his latest experience photographing ballet dancers in urban backdrop

How to improve your balance in ballet!

In order to dance well, a dancer must have a sense of balance in movement and be able to balance in any position. We need to feel where our muscles, joints

Increasing flexibility in your, stretching and barre

Improve your back flexibility, Stretch your back, Dancers stretches, Work out stretch for Dance, Exercises to increase your back flexibility

Obviously this won't take a week but I'm sure it will help you get there eventually!

The splits is an impressive feat of flexibility that is beneficial for a wide variety of activities, including ballet, martial arts and yoga. Usually, training to do the splits takes weeks or even months of practice and intense stretching,.

How to Get Ballet Feet - Foot Arch Enhancer Tips: Toe Stretch

How to Get Beautiful Dancer's Feet: Toe Stretch. Balancing with your weight behind you on your hands, lift your heels off the floor as far as you can, stretching your ankles forward. This stretch stretches your arches by forcing a strong three-quarter poi