things with faces…

Funny pictures about Pareidolia: things with faces. Oh, and cool pics about Pareidolia: things with faces. Also, Pareidolia: things with faces.


"I believe I hear the tantalizing sound of the can opener in action.and it is MUSIC TO MY EARS!" - Tap the link now to see all of our cool cat collections!

a walk through the blank space: By Andre Bernardo

a walk through the blank space by André Lui Bernardo, photography on a glass plate makes special pictures, also nice idea with my Bracco dog

Carll Cneut

the art room plant: Carll Cneut Begin with a portion of a print or photo (magazine cut-out) finish the image with line art and naive details.

Ordinary Behavior: Cardboard Electronics Containing Absurd Miniature Dioramas

artist and illustrator kevin LCK builds cardboard electronics and teeny tiny dioramas contained within them.for his new Ordinary Behavior series.: Cardboard Electronics Containing Absurd Miniature Dioramas.

Nunchaku door chain lock -  Bruce Lee approved

Bruce Lee approved Funny Photo of the day for Saturday, 23 February 2013 from site Jokes of The Day - Nunchaku door chain lock

Crossed Fingers

The more you lie during your journey on this plane, the harder it will be for you to recall your past. Remember your index fingers are not long to keep up with all your lies.


thank goodness you're home the christmas tree fainted - love this, so cute. Lexi, mommy better not come home and our tree "fainted" :)

Graphic Porn

Im thinking of adapting this to having a picture at the bottom of a pond with fish swimming around it

Broderie sur Photographies anciennes Photo

Broderie sur Photographies anciennes

ART: Embroidery Art by Mana Morimoto Also known as MNMRMT, Tokyo-based textile artist Mana Morimoto creates nothing short of dope and unique artwork!

Luchadores y cervezas together as they should be!

The Luchador Mexican Wrestler Bottle Opener is a mini wrestler that will open your bottle of beer using a headlock. The wrestler is made of stainless steel, has a rubber coating, measures 6 inches lon.