bicentennial nyc harbor

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a large sailing ship in the water with buildings in the background
an old sailing ship in the water with american flags on it's masts
USS Constitution (Old Ironsides)
a large white ship sailing on top of the ocean next to a tall city skyline
A Parade of Ships sails into New York City for the 25th annual Fleet Week
the statue of liberty stands on top of an old sailing ship
a large ship sailing in the ocean next to an old fort with flags on it
The Star-Spangled Spectacular – USA Flag Co.
a large group of people standing next to a boat in the water near a dock
an old black and white photo of the statue of liberty with ships in the water
An Autobiography: Chapter 37, Operation Sail 1976 - Grit
many boats are in the water and one is sailing away from the other boat,
Bicentennial Tall Ships July 4th NYC 1976 '76 70s
an aerial view of the statue of liberty with boats in the water and ships in the background
Operation Sail Bicentennial
two ships in the water spraying water on each other
Operation Sail Bicentennial