When you do what you love with PASSION success won't be far away.


When You Do What You Want With Passion Success Won't be Far Away. You can't go wrong with gold foil on black paper and an inspirational quote like this one!

20 Eye Popping Photoshop Text Effects Tutorials

A Gallery of Eye Popping Photoshop Text Effects Tutorials

Keep Cursive Alive... AMEN & AMEN!

Keep Cursive Alive. I saved this because I heard cursive was no longer going to be taught in elementary school which, to me, is sad. The juxtaposition of how beautiful the word "cursive" looks next to "keep" and "alive" aids the message.

gold on black

In this article we have collected some of the best inspiration in terms of golden hand-lettering and typography. Great quality art by talented creatives and artists all over the globe. Lettering and typography in few words Lettering is defined as “t.

Be brave blame none

Typography inspiration

Another shot of my quote: Be brave blame none. Here is the other one: Which one do you prefer the most? Be brave blame none