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Kaja Altmark

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Monsanto – Historia Zniewolenia Ludzkości

Osiria Rose Care - Blood White and Pure Red Beauty

Osiria Rose - Blood red and Pure White Beauty - The Gardening Cook

Rose Tattoo Drawings And Designs | ... media art photography category traditional art drawing styles

Rosemary.. draw something like this for me except needs a clock and daffodils instead of roses.

Will make some personal touches on this. Like changing N,S,E,W...to L,O,V,E. And some other things..

Marilyn Monroe~ Classic beauty #monroe #marilyn #vintage

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Nora is not portrayed as an ideal woman. Even though she is wealthy and classy, the book reveals things she has flaws that do not add up to being an ideal woman.

Marilyn Monroe; the woman who has taught me society is ugly, and society makes other people ugly in a sense of jealousy and mean.