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Paleo Snack Ideas. Those Watermelon Strawberry Mint popsicles look the bomb!

Watermelon Strawberry Mint Popsicles: Once you buy in your own Popsicle molds, the possibilities are endless when it comes to healthy Popsicle recipes. We love these watermelon strawberry mint Popsicles as an oh-so-refreshing Summer treat.

Really wishing for snow this year... but not possible where Im at right now. How terribly sad... :(

Chapter Scout experiences her first snow and school is cancelled for the day. Jem and Scout build a snowman. That night Miss Maudie's house burns down and Scout receives a blanket from Boo Radley. Also, snow = skiing and a great chapter in tkam

Vienna in Winter, Austria

Top 10 cities in the world Vienna Austria Drenched in music, history and the arts, Vienna earned high marks from readers. Classical music opportunities are out of this world and you can hear great music in beautiful venues. Photo by Gett/Xavier Amau