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Paleo Snack Ideas. Those Watermelon Strawberry Mint popsicles look the bomb!

Watermelon Strawberry Mint Popsicles: Once you buy in your own Popsicle molds, the possibilities are endless when it comes to healthy Popsicle recipes. We love these watermelon strawberry mint Popsicles as an oh-so-refreshing Summer treat.

Really wishing for snow this year... but not possible where Im at right now. How terribly sad... :(

Chapter Scout experiences her first snow and school is cancelled for the day. Jem and Scout build a snowman. That night Miss Maudie's house burns down and Scout receives a blanket from Boo Radley. Also, snow = skiing and a great chapter in tkam

The seasoning used for this taste a LOT like KFC. My family ALL loved this chicken!

This oven fried chicken recipe is a great family meal one if you want that good KFC flavor without having to go to KFC. Plus making it in the oven makes it a LITTLE bit healthy.

German Chocolate Brownie Bars with Brown Sugar Pecan Crust: Besides tasting amazing, this recipe is also great because it’s naturally gluten free, so it can be used in tons of recipes in place of a traditional pie crust.

Fudgy German chocolate brownies with brown sugar pecan crust and topped with homemade coconut-pecan topping. I know this will put me on sugar overload but mmmmmmm looks yum.

German Chocolate Cake Cookies

German Chocolate Cake Cookie - A Dash of Sanity - a soft, chewy chocolate cookie with a rich caramel, coconut, pecan frosting.