Jacek Malczewski, A Woman in a Grove, 1917

A Woman in a Grove, 1917 Jacek Malczewski ______________________________ ♥♥♥ deniseweb.

Jacek Malczewski

Self-portrait with a palette Jacek Malczewski Born: 15 July Radom, Poland Died: 08 October Kraków, Poland Nationality: Polish Art Movement: Symbolism, Art Nouveau Field: painting

Jacek Malczewski - The Polish Hector

Hand painted reproduction of the painting Polski Hektor by Jacek Malczewski. Commission your beautiful hand painted reproduction of Polski Hektor.

Jacek Malczewski - In Captivity 1917

Jacek Malczewski. In Captivity. 1917

Eloe z Ellenai | Jacek Malczewski

“ Jacek Malczewski (Polish, “Eloe ze zwłokami Ellenai” [Eloe with the corpse of Ellenai], [image via WikiArt]. Allegorical scene inspired by the poem “Anhelli” about Polish exiles in Siberia written by Juliusz.