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The 20 Most Unbelievable Anchor Tattoos

20 Anchor Tattoos Showing Faith, Loyalty and Solidarity Boat Anchor Tattoos are some of the most common designs out there. You might find yourself wondering why exactly an inanimate object has become so near and…

GAH! I cannot decide if I want a melt or not! They are so dang cute! (if done right of course...)

What the heck is with this Ombre hair fashion. It just looks like she didn't want to dye her hair blonde anymore and it's in the process of growing out. I mean, shit, if that is Ombre hair, then I have it for certain.

Watercolor tattoo. Thinking this could be number 4 !!!!  Yayy placement

Fav design- colours and the triangles. Can do a dot under the base of the pink triangle. May want to change colour pink to blue or emerald green?