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Opération Orange Facebook at Roxy Pro

KBC Bank unites generation by #TBWA Belgium

Bud - the hottest the day, the cheaper the bud

Obermutten, A little village goes global - By #JungVonMatt Limmat

Tim Hortons and Gulf News "The Headline News Cup Sleeve" by #YR

Swedish Armed Forces - Who cares?

Swedish Armed Forces "Who cares?" - Revolving around helping others (since that’s what the armed forces do), a large box was placed in Stockholm city centre. Different individuals were locked in the box for a minimum of one hour with no contact from the real world. They could only be saved by those on the outside, who would replace them and the cycle would continue.

Singapores Biggest Tip Jar by #BBH Singapore - People could choose the establishment they wanted to tip by ‘liking’ it on Facebook