Jagoda Wrześniewska

Jagoda Wrześniewska

Jagoda Wrześniewska
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Simple face painting designs are not hard. Many people think that in order to have a great face painting creation, they have to use complex designs, rather then simple face painting designs. This is a common mistake that many people m

Blue cat eye with a twist #eye #eyes #makeup #eyeshadow #winged #dramatic #dark

Marvelous Marine: blue feline cat_eye with a twist. the thick & long wing is balanced out by the teal on the inner part

Pearls Makeup!.♥.✤ | Keep the Glamour | BeStayBeautiful

I love the pearls above her eyebrows that gives her forehead more depth. I also love the electric green lips. (I definitely want to have green lips for the final possibly.) Also the green and purple eyeshadow bring out the color of the lips even more.