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Siegecraft TD (mobile game) on Behance

Low poly assets for Iphone game I worked on recently. Siegecraft TD I modeled and textured all the grassland and jungle levels props and some of the mine and mountain levels. Also created all the Interface elements and the logo.

████████ Low Poly ████████

Hand painted forest scene textured in Photoshop, using only diffuse map. The low poly model was given, only the textures and overpaints are made by me.


html 5 cheat sheet - Use this when you need to add widgets and code to your website. You CAN learn basic code!

A Java Cheat Sheet For Programmers

If you& looking to learn a programming language that& cross-platform and easily accessible, Java is one of the most practical languages out there. This handy cheat sheet helps you keep track of the basics while you begin to learn.