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five people with masks on their heads standing in front of an amusement park ferris wheel
Women Wearing Masks on Venice Beach | Retronaut
an old building with graffiti on the side
Beautiful Portals
fire escape
the shadow of a fire escape on an old building
many wires and numbers are connected to each other on the pole in front of white sky
Andreas Gefeller - The japan series - Works # 24
overhead view of people walking across the street
Scholarly Gent
Thanks for the photo, Scholarly Gent
aerial view of multiple rows of multicolored shipping containers
Bernard Lang Aerial Photographs Of Port Terminals | mutantspace
Bernhard Lang Photography Called Container Terminal
black and white photograph of an old water tower
an aerial view of the desert with many patterns on it
Google Earth image of an airplane graveyard.
an old rusted boat sitting in the water
Harbor Geometry
Untitled by janet little, via Flickr