Greater than less than:  This is one page out of this printable practice set!  Lots of practice with numbers 1-10 and 1-20! $

Greater than less than

greater than/less than alligator kit

Greater Than/Less Than {Alligator}

This PDF file is an alligator printable for greater than/less than. It includes a mouth, teeth, and 2 eyes. Cut them out and assemble them as a class. Use this for greater than/less than in math!

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Alligator Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To Math Work Station image 4 Howard Wright

Mayor menor o igual que

Greater Than or Less Than Flipstrips Greater Than/Less Than Flipstrips 1 are a math activity. In this activity students complete each flipstrip with a "greater than," "less than," or "equal" sign when comparing two numbers.

Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To

This page can be used in a center, as an assignment, or as an assessment. Perfect for primary students learning to compare numbers.