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My business picture portfolio

Business portfolio is a set of pictures which I use in business. I have been building it slowly, but no doubts that everyone should have her / his set of pictures to use in different business situations. #business #photography #businessphoto
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My after hours:) With Titus - my PR dog, my assistant at work and always a great friend. #PR #lab

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Together with Anna Urbańska with whom I'm writing the book How to build a good business image in 30 days.

Firstly, dreams and.... then what you wish! Fot. Jacek Kutyba

Let's talk. #talk Fot. Jacek Kutyba

fresh shoot 2015 in business portfolio Fot. Jacek Kutyba

Because I like #coffeePR Fot. Jacek Kutyba

At work. Fot. Jacek Kutyba

Together with Joanna Czerska-Thomas - my co-partner in the project Charms of Business, 2015.

And this one I use when I talk about my poems' collection "Sub rosa"

I use this picture to communicate about the project Charms Of Business. Fot. Jacek Kutyba