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drawing a body by @sketchycore
Quick demonstration of how to draw a tear. 💧 What do you think?
Drawing an Older Man in Coloured Pencil | Artwork in Progress
Bonny has been trying her hand at drawing people for a change. Challenging yourself is always a great idea! #drawinghumans #pencilportrait #colouredpencilart #artworkinprogress #bonnysnowdon #bonnysnowdonacademy
a black and white drawing of a person standing on one leg with their arms outstretched
Cómo se dibuja la luz que entra por una ventana? ☀️✏️
Tutorial de dibujo / Luces y sombras / Perspectiva / Punto de fuga
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Learn how to draw cats 😻
See the good in world…
3D perspective drawing
Je dessine un drapé au crayon avec cette technique ultra simple✏️
Drapé / Dessin au crayon / Dessin facile / Technique de dessin / Sketching