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Japanese Raccoon Dog - Bing images

Raccoon dogs look very similar to raccoons but have no genetic similarities between them. They belong to the Canidae family, which are known to have distinct dog and wolf like characteristics and.

Making of Space journey by jamajurabaev on deviantART via

So as usual i wanted to share a kind of making of my previous piece. In this one i started with picture taken by my brother Surat Toimastov, who is quite famous photographer here in Tajikistan.

Color – Marbleized Paper (Weekly Unplugged Project) | Unplug Your Kids

Oil and Water painting craft. water in a pan. Mix food coloring in with oil in little jars. Eye drop oil into pan and swirl into a design. Lay white paper gently over it. When oil starts to appear on the back of the paper remove gently and let dry.

Tanuki - Japanese Raccoon Dog

Manufacturing companies utilizing "fake"/real fur from China: Stop the demand for skinning Raccoon dogs alive for their fur