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an art project is being made with acrylic paint
DIY Poured Resin Wall Art - Hazel + Gold Designs
Learn how I made this amazing poured resin wall art using Envirotex Lite and a wooden board. Full tutorial, and even a video to show you how to make one!
a white and blue object sitting on top of a wooden table
NameBright - Domain Expired
Media by sheleeart: Table number two 🗑🗑 complete opposite to the first one! Have fallen in...
an abstract painting with lots of different colors and patterns on it's surface is shown
9 color spiral pour. I love this one it turned out beautiful and almost looks like a rock. I used 2 parts apple barrel paint, 1 part Olympic high gloss, and added rubbing alcohol till it got to the right consistency (didn’t take much). I also did a spray of silicon in each color. Then I just poured it on slowly making small circles as I poured.
an empty room with graffiti on the walls and open door to another room that has a balcony
Francesco Soro (@fsoro) on X
Wall art found in an abandoned building #creativity
an abstract painting is shown in the middle of a stove top with other items around it
Dirty Cup Pour (DIY)
Dirty Cup Pour (DIY)
a person using a blow dryer to blow out blue frosting on a cake
( 369 ) Resin pour on plexiglass with resi blast
Diorama del Océano paso a paso - YouTube
how to make an acrylic painting with blue and gold paint on canvases
Gorgeous Blue Swipe Acrylic Pour Tutorial (Video)
Learn how to make cells with acrylic pouring and swiping video tutorial
a close up of a box on a table
Arthur Brouthers on X
a black and gold plate sitting on top of a table
2,165 Me gusta, 100 comentarios - Hannah Collins ( en Instagram: "It would appear that I am somewhat obsessed with this colour scheme!! But who wouldn’t be?! There’s…"