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two pictures with blue and white leaves on them, one is framed in wood frame
Les Poésies Végétales (tableaux et affiches)
the letters are made out of paper and decorated with leaves
"Monogram Floral Cyanotype Notecards, Blue & White 5\" x 7\" or 4.5\" x 6\" with Envelope, Custom, Unique Alphabet Card"
three pieces of jewelry sitting on top of a black table next to pearls and beads
Cyanotype Jewellery tutorial - Sayuri
nine pressed images of wildflowers in blue and white
Artist and printmaker | Indigo Moth Botanical Prints
a wall covered in framed pictures and hanging on hooks
Atwater Designs
a wooden frame sitting on top of a table next to plants and vases filled with flowers
French brand for sustainable home accessories made in France
Frame Cyanotype Fern
three framed pictures with blue flowers on them
Les Poésies Végétales | Tableaux inspirés par la nature
a blue and white painting in a wooden frame on the wall, with an image of flowers
Sunprints by CARPË - new brand of swabdesign
twelve blue and white ceramic pendants with designs on them