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a cat sitting in the middle of an open refrigerator
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two cats laying on the floor in front of an open sliding glass door looking outside
Heidi’s Cottage
a black cat sitting on top of someone's feet with their legs in the air
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a person is petting a cat outside on the street while someone holds it in their hand
a cat walking down a dirt road next to a sign with a dog on it
a cat sitting on top of a window sill wearing a scarf and looking at the camera
a snowman made to look like a cat with branches on it's head
a black cat sitting on top of a green moss covered rock in the middle of a forest
a cat sitting at a table with food on it's plate and bowls in front of him
four cats are sitting in the branches of a tree
two cats wearing sweaters and sunglasses sitting on a bed
Stylish couple
a cat is laying in the middle of a bed with white sheets and flowers on it