Tablica "Rzeczy niemożliwe robimy od ręki" - Sklep :: Nietypowe prezenty, absurdalne i śmieszne gadżety w klimacie PRL. cena: 19zł

"Impossible things are done immediately, but there is a short waiting time for miracles". - and this is why I love Poland (among other reasons :-))

Czekolada (ii).

Some old Polish chocolate labels via Present & Correct

prl-Communist slogan - Remember, your workplace is your second home.

OPIS PRODUKTUJak wiadomo właściwe oznakowanie miejsca pracy to konieczność…

PRL poster

PRL poster

PRL poster

Poland Communist-era propaganda poster: "We salute women working for peace and the flourishing of the motherland.

PRL poster

vintage everyday: Vintage Socialist Posters in Poland,

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