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There is no such thing as humane slaughtering.

There is no such thing as "humane meat" - I can't stand when people say this shit.

Cows have to have a baby to make milk... this is how they get pregnant in todays farm practice.

sexual assault, rape, and artificial insemination are all a part of the business. their bodies do not belong to us. grow some morals and be vegan.

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JUST A CHICKEN :If you don't want to be vegan then at least help change their treatment/environment you can sign petitions anonymously - look at her eyes and notice, she is alive, the cage is crowed and she is being stood on - this is where eggs come from

4th most inteeligent animal on earth and we have put them in concentration camps to kill by the billions each year...so we can eat bacon.....as a species, we humans are an abomination to all others, and to God

How can this not break your heart? A baby calf taken away from its mother to be slaughtered. this is what animal abuse looks like too often. Put an end to senseless killing.

The rest of your hamburger Go vegan for your life and theirs

The rest of your hamburger Go vegan for your life and theirs

So you can stop with the "top of the food chain" excuse for eating meat #vegan #vegetarian

By definition, you are not a carnivore if you use tools to eat meat. You cannot tip apart a live animal with your teeth and consume it's flesh, fur and blood without getting sick. Our bodies were NOT "designed" to eat meat. We are not Lions.