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a bat flying through the air over a city at night with neon lights and buildings in the background
Comics and nothin' but — Batman v3 #99 (2020) pencil & ink by Jorge Jiménez...
two people standing next to each other in front of red and black wallpapers
two pictures of batman and catwoman in the same scene
a bat flying through the air on top of a red and black background with splatters
SiB on Twitter
the poster for the upcoming batman movie, starring robin west as the character in the dark knight
the dark knight is sitting in the rain
The Batman 🦇
a batman in the rain with his arm out and head down, looking at something
the dark knight rises movie poster with batman symbol on it's face and red light coming from his mouth
a man in the rain with a red light on his head and an evil looking face
an image of batman and catwoman from the animated movie, batgirl by peter - lee
a painting of a man with black hair
omurizer on Twitter
a painting of a black bird in the rain