More ideas from Julia
For Key xd

Wallpaper and background photos of SHINee Macro for fans of Shinee images.

Najlepsze :3

Beautiful, Fjord horses by the way my user name is Kate Zebra Forest on Wind star sever please visit me :D you will love me

Wprowadźmy tu trochę słodkości! Z tymi rękawiczkami wyjdzie to idealnie! :D

I really like my outfit and I think it is good for a catwalk (more like 'horsewalk' haha) and for riding!

Piękne, czarne, matowe bryczesy. Czego chcieć więcej?! ;D

I believe that my outfit should win, because it is convenient and you can now select from everywhere to silverglade, Harvent Counties, and even to the Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur!