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my tokyo ghoul fan-character Miu ^-^ I’ll share just some info I have for her so miu konae gender: female age: 18 species: artificial gh.

Even the way he fell is so extra

aw :') I'm trying not to laugh but the more I watch it the funnier it gets. sooo sorry Tae Tae love you. hope you weren't hurt>>> I am Tae here. I fell SOOOO many times the last time I attempted (and failed at) ice skating

Kkkk casal perfeito?

ahikuboruchi: It’s Nezushi’s bedtime! Yaay, I’ve finally finished this. God, I thought this gif might be too big to upload it here… hehe, I should learn to read the faq beforehand. ^^°°° Have a nice weekend!

@дневники — Я такая реактивная

it's just about yaoi randomness, Gifs and Facts and I dunot own any … Random