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a drawing of a mermaid holding a cocktail glass
Mermaid Cocktail Illustration for Italian Lifestyle Brand by Stories Studio
Hand drawn Blue Mermaid and Cocktail Illustration by Stories Studio for Italian Lifestyle Brand Villa d'Cipoletti #branding #graphicdesign #italianbrand #beachclub #logodesign #illustration #pencildrawing
a drawing of food and utensils on a table
Early Spring - Kiki Makes - Størrelser: 50x50, 50x70, 70x100 - Poster - Plakat - Kunstplakat
Kunstplakaten: “early spring” af kunstneren Kiki Makes er en illustreret plakat der er kurateret til Peléton. Denne plakat er inspireret af Beba, en lille restaurant i Montreal. Tegningen er skabt digitalt med minimalistiske farver og linjer. Denne kunstplakat er en hyldest til glæden ved at nyde en digestive efter et fantastisk måltid, delt med venner.
Red and pink food illustration Visual Identity, Colorful Illustration Art, Ellie Core, Keramik Design, Pottery Painting, Kitchen Art, No. 2, Art Inspo, Design Projects
Chef’s Special
Artist: Ellie Sparkes Available as a print or digital download through insta: @eleanor.sparkes
Kitchen wall art | Pink wall art | Food print with baguette, lemon, wine, olives
Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your space with the "Table for One" print. This charming artwork captures the essence of a cosy evening, featuring a beautifully arranged table setting. The centrepiece of the image is a freshly baked baguette, perfectly complemented by plump olives and lemon. A glass of rich red wine and a bottle of your favourite vintage complete the scene, creating a sense of indulgence and relaxation.
a drawing of food and drinks on a beige background with the words,'i love you
Italian Summer Print Brown - Digital Downloads Print from Projects Print Club. Home decor, wall art