Julia Trzpis
Więcej pomysłów od użytkownika Julia
nellavig:  Claire Basler
Beautiful thread drawings - by Debbie Smyth - Incredible portraits and art installations at ego-alterego.com
stilllifequickheart: Stijn Rietman Overblown 2013
"Each new day is a new beginning- to learn more about ourselves  to care more about others,  to laugh more than we did,  to accomplish more than we thought we could, and be more than we were before." - Unknown
Su-Li Hung - Gingko leaves
MAZAMA. Beautiful colors and movement!
Daily Paintworks - Angela Moulton
Wrens de hadas Pintura | moulton angela de pintura al día
Cerulean Warbler no. 42 original bird oil painting by Moulton 6 x 6 inches on panel  prattcreekart