Annabeth Chase

Annabeth Chase

Annabeth Chase
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Had to ya'll it made me laugh more than I should have... real truth there though lol

This is so accurate, its not even funny. Actually I laughed so it was funny

Percy and Annabeth

Glad to make your dreams come true, Percy! Leo doesn't want to ruin his pretty face. I agree with Hazel thou.remember Percy fought against Ares.i think if anybody earned the right to scary glare its him :)

Piper Mclean and Hazel Levesque

Piper Mclean and Hazel Levesque-- I love the art style, but what is up with Hazel's hair?---- this is beautifully done, but i agree what in hades is up with hazels hair!

Percy for the win!!!

I'm gonna defend Jason here.Jason has probably done almost as much as Percy has. We just know more about Percy. Now don't get me wrong percy will always be my number 1 but we just don't know anything about Jason.