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a stained glass window with yellow and green designs
Gothic Ornament by David Fode
a tall metal plant with birds on it's head and leaves in the center
'Geometry and Precision' (2012) — Angus Fisher Arts
four different types of plants on a black surface
Amanda Cobbett: Stitching the forest floor -
a piece of art that is made out of wool and felt with flowers on it
Second life
Second life – Felting and Fiber Studio
a painting of mountains with a road going through them
St Palladius Church
The View To Loch Achtriochtan
an old tree with green moss growing on it's branches in the middle of a field
Soul Deep In Nature
an aerial view of a green mountain with white trees on it's face and the sky in the background
a woman sitting on top of a couch next to a painting
an image of a circular object made out of green and yellow yarn on a white surface
Maker / Artist | mixed media maker, working in silver, copper and textiles
yellow moss growing on the bark of a tree trunk in the woods at night time
Slime molds are capable of passing on learned behaviors to new cell populations - Science in the News
Eyes, Ilustrasi, Beautiful Eyes, Character Aesthetic
several different types of plants and seashells on a white surface with moss growing out of them
Feather & Moss Curiosities
a tree with moss growing on it's bark and some leaves in the background
an image of a green room with plants and trees in the background, including two mannequins
Hermès Green Winter Window Display of 1998 - Best Window Displays