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Sorry Mikey girls

Sorry Mikey girls<<<mikey what are you doing to us?<< I'm a luke girl but dang Mikey why?


But do they know where the second picture is from its from the live action version of scooby doo i watched as a kid and thats shaggy and comparing that to ashton is kinda given me the vibes we should go make out

This picture somehow summarizes 5 seconds of summer. Here it is. Right here. The picture says it all.

ok so i am 12 yrs old and ppl are like do they know that they have a chance to date/whatever and yes we do but cant a 12 yr old dream? so yah just wanted to say that bc i saw a post :\

Ashton Irwin Gif

And this is why ashton isnt lead singer, i would fangirl all over the place and eventually die. And I got ashton

If they were my teachers, I will never leave my classroom and I'll always visit the faculty room to do some random s*** like cleaning their floor or something, just to see them xD

The only thing is Luke would definitely be the math teacher because Liz Hemmings and Calum would obviously be the pe teacher because he was almost a professional soccer player zoo<<and Luke was a math tutor

OMG! Its Luke. From Target.

Hahaa Luke Hemmings 5 seconds of summer Oh my god, I'd be the person to say, "She sounds hideous.

Truely inspirational

He's honestly the greatest drummer ever. I love you Ashton so much! You have helped me through some tough times but I'm still here so thank you so much!


I would just like to point out how beautiful his lips are wait every thing is beautiful in this picture I wish I was the microphone