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a circle with different types of black and white ink on it, labeled in the center
the muscles are shown in three different positions
Maybelline, Cc Cream, English, Different Skin Tones, Medium Skin Tone, Medium Skin, Dark Skin, Dark Skin Tone, Medium
What Is Italian Skin Tone? (With Pictures) - Skin Care Geeks
the legs and ankles are labeled in different colors
the diagram shows how to do different positions for each woman's legs and feet
How to draw leg and arm (woman/man)
a black and white drawing of a woman holding a pole with her hands on her head
the muscles are shown in this diagram
Shoulder Pain Relief, Including Frozen Shoulder - White Tiger Medicine
Músculos que unen la tronco l, miembro superior; Latissimus dorsi
an image of the lower legs and upper leg muscles, showing different angles to each other