brother bear

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a man standing next to a large brown bear
two brown bears standing next to each other
Wallpaper disney brotherbears
two bears are in the water with fish around them
a cartoon bear standing in the water with its head turned to look like he's looking at something
the bear family is riding on their backs
V.I.T.R.I.O.L — Some lovely cartoons~
a cartoon bear sitting in front of a fire
Brother Bear (im pretty sure this is disney...? wait no or is it dreamworks? D:)
a person standing in front of a red background with many hand prints on the ground
Brother Bear (2003)
there are two bears that are standing in the wildflowers and one is looking at something
Be a pirate or die
Brother Bear
there is a bear that is standing in the snow next to another bear who is sitting down
the art of animation
The Art Of Animation - Brother Bear
two bears and a bear cub are standing in front of a waterfall while another bear looks on
Kenai & Koda - Brother Bear
two brown bears standing next to each other in front of a forest filled with trees
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Brother Bear ~ Several of the bears in the salmon run strongly resemble The Country Bears (2002) from the eponymous movie.