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I believe there are no teams in THG. We are better than that. I love Gale just as much as I love Peeta. I hate how people try to antagonize one of them when they are equally as amazing in the trilogy. Peeta was just as important to Katniss as Gale was. I love them both.

I love these but I couldn't be able to choose Gale or Peeta! I would probably go with Peeta but I love them both💖😘comment who u would choose

This had to have happened at LEAST once on accident, once when Yuuri is drunk, and once when Yuuri is sober but feeling flirty

randomsplashes: “ randomsplashes: “that moment when ur message doesn’t send properly so ur fiance thinks u want him for “dinner” ” bonus: another cause of yakov’s hair loss: victor’s not-so-subtle reason for leaving practice ” <<< well that failed