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I believe there are no teams in THG. We are better than that. I love Gale just as much as I love Peeta. I hate how people try to antagonize one of them when they are equally as amazing in the trilogy. Peeta was just as important to Katniss as Gale was. I love them both.

I love these but I couldn't be able to choose Gale or Peeta! I would probably go with Peeta but I love them both💖😘comment who u would choose

Image de yuri on ice

INTERNET USE DISORDER (IUD): People who overuse the internet and will experience withdrawal symptoms when they can't access the internet for some time. They will also lose interest in all other things beyond the internet.

This had to have happened at LEAST once on accident, once when Yuuri is drunk, and once when Yuuri is sober but feeling flirty

randomsplashes: “ randomsplashes: “that moment when ur message doesn’t send properly so ur fiance thinks u want him for “dinner” ” bonus: another cause of yakov’s hair loss: victor’s not-so-subtle reason for leaving practice ” <<< well that failed

I have a friend who not only looks like L, but sits like him too. It's funny.

I legit sit like him in public now, so if you see some random person sitting like him you are welcome to give them a hug, (unless its not me then it would be very awkward for you)