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PruHun! PruHun Every Where!

PruHun Every Where! 《《《《《 lol, I was so confused at first because I thought Prussia was England, like, woah since when did people ship Hungary and England

The awsome Prussia~

historical prussia, canon prussia, and fanon prussia?


Hetalia omg it makes it so much easier to recognize them in not a soccer person so I didn't know when I was like a similar uniform HOW DARE YOU ERASE PRUSSIA 😭

I love them all~ * ^ *

Hetalia as a fantasy RPG, and with some of the artist's head-canon names to boot ;) - Art by 炎鈴 - um does anyone else think that a fantasy RPG of Hetalia sounds badass?

Feliks is so cute~ I love that I'm from Poland~!

Poland Headcanon <----This bothers Lithuania, as it leaves him essentially without friends, and he wishes Poland could find some time for him. However, he acts like it's okay, making Poland think he isn't missed <<< God!

[Prize] Dislike Public Affection by Kalafin99.deviantart.com on @deviantART Fem!Prussia/Scotland

A prize for for winning place on 's contest.Prussia with smirking Scotland.