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PRAIAZ: To The Beach, and Beyond!!

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Praiaz, an ingenious new brand has arrived to the Philippines' shores! Courtesy of Vincent Lelard, Praiaz's principal owner and Terry S. A. (TSA)'s Anne Gonzalez. It was launched last April 8, 2014 at the Alphaland City Club.

The inspiration for the brand came from the idea of marrying two cultures: Rio de Janeiro's chill, laid-back lifestyle and Paris' impeccable taste in fashion. Picture: On-the-spot mural painted by artist Robby Singh (Photo grabbed from @robby singh via Instagram) Read More:

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Sarado - is a wider shoe for a more sporty look (PHP 1, 995)

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Bonita - has a low-rise front (PHP 1, 995)

Bonito - has a low rise front (PHP 1,995)

The shoes are made of the same material--which is anti-microbial--used in running shoes, making them foot odor resistant and comfortably cushioned. Read More:

They're also bouyant, waterproof, easy to clean, and (get this) beach-scented. The shoes are infused with the aromas of coconut and vanilla. Amazing! Read More: