I pin this each time I see it because it's ridiculously accurate and quite frightening.

"The important thing is she didn't miss the episode," I applaud you for that.

"I am your biggest nightmare!" ||| Supernatural + Harry Potter<<BEST THING I HAVE READ ALL DAY

My biggest fear is heights but idk if I scream, "Ridikkulus" and point my hand (because I don't have a wand) my Boggart would probably be an airplane.

House rules: Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole


Misha is my spirit animal: Someone who is sassy, random and done with stupid people

J2 highfiving with their feet

One hot meme

It looked like jensen was trying to jokingly kick jared in the bum but jared just knew it was about to happen


This one time it's good XD But.how do you cut hair with a hammer?/// I thought it was an axe.

they are too fucking adorable

I don't even watch Supernatural and I love these guys, it must be…*flashlight shines on face* SECOND HAND FANDOM DISEASE<<< everybody loves them. Especially in the fandom