Upcycle your leftover mason jar lids with these super cute mason jar lid photo…

Upcycled Mason Jar Lid Magnets

Zakaz handlu w niedzielę

Zakaz handlu w niedzielę

Upcycled CD Trays for candles - no instructions, just inspiration

Upcycled CD Trays for candles and Decor by The Upcycle Project on Vondore

10 awesome graduation gift ideas! Fill the slots of an empty chocolate box with money

10 awesome graduation gift ideas

Nog puzzels over waar niks meer mee gedaan wordt? Laat het kind ze verven en plak ze op een mooi geverfd lijstje. Lijst nu een mooie foto of tekening in. Heel veel plezier!  Groeten Team Tip van de juf!

cute picture frame project - this would be cute if the person had a piece of puzzle in their hand and the caption wrote "your my missing piece" . Mother's Day or Father's Day or Valentine's Day.

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fathers day grandpa card ice cream - Google Search

Father’s Day is a week away and we are finishing up some last minute craft ideas. We recently created some colorful chalk owls and they were the big inspiration behind this fun DIY Father’s Day Card Kids Craft. The heart decorated wings help make the perf


Easy Mother's Day Crafts for Preschoolers

DIY handprint apron - good gift for Mother's Day from preschooler or elementary school ager. Can buy aprons at craft / fabric stores.