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This vegan jambalaya recipe is super easy to make with basic pantry staples. Tomato-y rice flavoured with loads of herbs and spices and bulked up with celery, peppers and a selection of mixed beans make a hearty, warming and filling quick weeknight lunch or dinner.
An Italian stiletto probably Brescia, 1st half of the 17th century .
Moran Damascus Stilleto. A straight thrust under the left armpit will slip past the ribs into the lungs and heart. A blade half the length would be enough.
A left hand dagger   dating: circa 1600   provenance: Italy
Left Hand Dagger
A left hand dagger with pierced blade,    provenance:	 	Germany dating:	 	18th Century.
Abandoned...The Chapel of the Angel of the Violin, France, photo by Quentin Chabrot U-derzho Photographe.