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5 interesting facts about Pit-bulls | The Planet of Pets Dental exams prove pit bulls don't have lock jaw. It's a myth.

Sweet Little Pit Bull puppy! <3 {Pet Photography} {Dog} {Puppies} {Photo Session Ideas} {Pet Portraits}

Death Tarot Goddess Art Original Celtic Acrylic by EmilyBalivet, $1200.00 I absolutely love this painting!

Odin Rune Tattoo Symbol - Odin was one of the primary gods of Norse mythology and principally a god of war. Slain warriors were permitted to join him in Valhalla, escorted by the Valkyrie, his maiden servants. However, there is no rune with the name of “Odin”. Instead, this is actually the OTHALA rune, which became associated with Odin. It has been adopted by neo-Nazis as a symbol of their cultural heritage and an attempt to connect themselves with ancient Norse mythology.