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Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles on set
an image of two women with hats on and one is wearing a hat, the other has
Practically perfect in every way - LolSnaps
Tom Padelecki (Jared's son) - Love you Unca Jensen
a man with long hair and beards talking into a microphone in four different ways
the many faces of actors in movies
an image of a man talking to someone on the set of tv show entourages
15 Times Sam And Dean From 'Supernatural' Were Basically Brothers In Real Life
two people dressed up as santa claus and the caption says, what do you think?
Funny Jensen Ackles Tweets
four pictures of men wearing christmas hats and ugly sweaters, with the caption merry christmas ya filthy animal
Supernatural Memes, Jokes, Preferences, One-shots Etc. [REQUEST IS CLOSED] - Christmas memes (Part 2)
a man with his arms crossed standing in front of a police car
some people are talking to each other about something
Marvel memes - more fun stuff
a woman in red is sitting on the ground
Ryan Reynolds replies to a burn victim a jadiant 5,594 likes AV jadiant It would make my dream come true if @vancityreynolds got to see this post! I learned to do the splits just for this photo. Deadpool has... more View all 251 comments vancityreynolds Holy shit, Jadiant, this made my YEAR. Can't even describe what this post means to me. Also, I can do the splits... but only once a year. And it has to be in the lobby of a hospital. - iFunny