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Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice 8x10 Art Quote "You have Bewitched Me Body and Soul" Typography Print Wall Decor Quote Print
fun Jane Austen Infographic
Jane Austen: Giving women unrealistic expactations since 1811.  Traducción: Jane Austen: Da a las mujeres expectativas poco realistas desde 1811.


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Dean O'Gorman cleans up good. His namebadge says "Bragi" his character in the NZ television show "Almighty Johnsons."
Dean O'Gorman aka Anders in The Almighty Johnsons
Dean O'Gorman. He sort of looks like jensen ackles in the first pic! ^.^

Almighty Johnsons

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Hook #OUAT
Once Upon A Time!!!
Once Upon A Time

OUAT All the Way

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Almost out of a painting. Dougal MacKenzie in Starz Outlander
Outlander's "Shinty" has always reminded me of field hockey. Kilts, sticks, grass, aggressive teamwork, potential for severe injuries. . . Just goes to show, REAL Hockey is played on GRASS!! *Teasing, not meant to offend.*
Dougal, always suave and romantic! @grahammctavish @Outlander_Starz #outlander #LadiesLoveWhenUTalkCorn


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From top left - Prince Caspian, Edmund, Lucy, and Eustace (Ahh!!! Lucy is so old! my childhood! :'( )

Spare Oom

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The Witching Hour

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Three of a kind! The Aquaman co-stars posed up a storm together on the media wall
Wonder Woman

Times when DC doesn’t suck

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Tolkien Treasures

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Javert has problems.
Haha this is awesome, Phantom of the Opera fans will understand
Phantom of the Opera (2004), Emily Rossum as Christine, masquerade ball gown, costume designer Alexandra Byrne.


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amy farrah fowler!

Laugh Track: TBBT

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It’s OK, I can fix this… Oh, Phoebe.
Just Phoebe

I'll Be There for You

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This is my favorite video that Rhett and Link have ever made!!! "Don't apply pressure to the wound, just fan it!"
Rhett and Link<3 Too cute ;)
Rub Some Bacon On It Oooooh Rhett and Link!

Good Mythical Morning

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Diagon Alley

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Spencer Reid. Hug. Criminal Minds "The Instincts" Episode.
Spencer Reid. Criminal Minds.
criminal minds funny pictures | criminal minds gif | Tumblr


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A Whovian Dream

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Fandom Mashups

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a man with long hair and a brown vest standing in front of a green door
an image of a woman that is looking at another person's shirt in the mirror
the tweet has been posted to someone who is in love with her boyfriend
an image of people standing in front of a house with birds flying over them and the text above it
Théodwyn (sister of Théoden)
two men are talking to each other while one man is holding his hand over his head
Geralt is the perfect man
some people are dressed up in costumes and holding swords while one person is shooting an arrow
two screenshots of the same person in front of a lion, one with his mouth
an image of people on twitter