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a tiny red bird sitting on top of a finger
I Sculpt Tiny Minimalist Animals With A Touch Of Whimsy
I Make Miniature Minimalist Ceramic Animals With A Touch Of Whimsy And Individual Personalities
three little gnome figurines are next to a growth chart and a wooden ruler
a group of colorful birds sitting on top of a table
Polymer Clay Hens
pair of ladybug earrings in red and black by animal - jewelry on etsy
Polymer Clay
two yellow and black earrings with eyes on purple surface next to each other, one has an ear hole in the shape of a bee
four black and white polka dot decorated chicken figurines on a wooden table top
Custom Pet Portrait, Personalized Pets Painting, Ceramic Portrait From Photo Figurine, Art Cat Sculpture, Dog Mom Lover Gift, Pet Loss Gift - Etsy
four different colored buttons on a polka dot tablecloth with dots in the middle and two fish at the bottom
APLIQUE PASSARINHO | Elo7 Produtos Especiais
there are many different colored birds on the table, and one is painted with polka dots
Imãs, pássaros e corujas
so nice
a yellow and blue flower with two bees on it's side, sitting next to each other
six black and white toy bugs with different colored eyes, arms and legs are arranged in a circle
two cake pops decorated like ladybugs and a bee