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My entry for this slickedbackartisan.deviantart.… Contest ^^Name: ???Type: Water/SteelAbility: Shell Armor/Rain Dish/(DW)Water AbsorbHeight: 2.30mWeight: 265kg

Klankor The Anchor Pokemon Ability: *Deadweight Hidden Ability: Rough Skin Evolution Klankor --Lv.

A few weeks ago I had the sudden urge to make some new grass starters based on Pteranodons.

More for the Mass upload. Dinosaurs~~~ I was discussing things with Howl and laughing about a brachiosaurus sized pokemon in a gym. So I made one c: the names refer more to the sizes than the plant...

based of pliosaurs as well as sea dragons, and personaly my favourite starter of the three. starters Fire Starter: Grass Starter: Edit Revamped Nerite a.

I want this pokemon

26 pokemon in 3 days. With these guys, we have a full sixth of the hopeful Saoran pokemon already down. And I still have no idea what to do with this region. I'll draw up a map a.


some of my fakemons in random poses (yes, my project is more and more awesome LOL) You can see more of this fakemons in mah gallery here And yes, coming more of them (when i`ll have some free time .

Fakémon - if this becomes a real Pokémon, I hope they cut it off at the second evolution and make the final evolution part of it's mega Evolution incorporating it so that it's a shadow that overtook the previous evolution

Pokemon Guerrapod by Max-Nohiro on DeviantArt

A remade version of one of my first fakemons my ankylosaurus line (Ankylosaurus-Club) -Ground/Steel -Hammer pokemon (Ankylosaurus-Crash) -Ground/Steel -Morning Star Pokemon A.

Antlerice ( ancient deer pokemon) Rock/Ice this pokemon is based on a prehistoric giant deer that lived during the ice age Outregis Fakemon: Antlerice

The Pyrrhuloxia Fakemon Line by *princess-phoenix on deviantART

I need to upload some fakemon revamps and fan arts before I post the next adoptable page. --- Cardeen is a small bird that looks like a bowling ball.

Fakemon: 148 - Legendary weapon - Trident by MTC-Studio on DeviantArt

Luphaterasu Sun Monarch Fakemon Type: Grass Dex Entry: A legend says, that LUPHATERASU is the reincarnation of the sun goddess. The Sun Monarch Fakemon