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One of my favorite new site's called "design-seed" great tool for creating images or color tones for decorating. This one is called, "foggy hues"

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Mixture of beige and brown, perhaps with a touch of muted green, is a great color scheme for the interior of a living room. These slightly cold shades, with properly placed accents, will “play out” so vividly that you will want to remain in the room fore

The rich and inspiring palette of natural colors. Shades of green has on people is the same beneficial effects as a walk in the summer forest. Lime green color of grass and make up a harmonious composition with a brown color gamut. A suitable option for creating a design in ecological style, as well as classic interiors, such as office or living room.

A rich and inspiring palette in natural colors. Green shades affect people positively as well as a walk through summer forest. Lime-green and grass color m.