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Marcin Szumicki

Marcin Szumicki
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FlashBack Bug tubefly

Tubes for tube fly tying is a unique part of the fly-tying kit in Europa. Shops often have a large range of tubes and other specialized equipment for tube flies

Perch Streamer  |  Hook: Mustad C52S #1.
Tail: Orange Squirrel.
Rib: Large oval gold.
Body: Tan A. Jensen Saltwater Dub II or similar over a layer of lead.
Wing: Olive Squirrel, 4 Olive Grizzly hackles and Olive & Black Angel Hair.
Head: Black and fl. fire orange Antron. Gold eyes. Covered with Bug Bond to just behind the eyes.

Perch Streamer proto One effective featherwinged streamer from last summer that needs some tweaks but will gain a place in my fly box once it’s perfected. I’ve never been highly successful with perch imitations on my trout fishing but they have their.

fly tying | Mayfly Wet (pz) - Coldwater Species - Fly Tying

Mayfly Wet (pz) - posted in Coldwater Species: A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Mice: Mayfly Wet (pz)

Squid Special - a Scott Patterson pattern.

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