Gosia Moraczewska

Gosia Moraczewska

I like: 🤷🏻‍♀️ cosplay 👌🏻 minimalism 🎶 musicals 🐱 cats 💀 goth/nu goth/lolita 📚 fangirl
Gosia Moraczewska
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Тристана | League of Legends

Surrender at PBE Update: New Tristana skin splash arts, tentative balance changes, and

Studio Padron Cabin | Minimalistic Reading Cabin In Upstate New York

Studio Padron Architects created a tiny black one-room cabin in the woods, designed to be a small library and a guest house.

Zero-Waste + Minimalist Office Supply/School Supply Guide

October was an absolute whirlwind. I participated in Project Green Challenge (founded by Turning Green). It was a event in which students have several challenges focused on a theme.

This tutorial teaches you one way to add straps to your armor! This was created by Bllacksheep. Click to enlarge! Hope this helps! :D

This Tutorial: Here is a tutorial on how I created and attached the straps to the Worbla armor on my Dante's Inferno Cosplay. Adding Straps to Worbla Armor Tutorial

http://tipsalud.com College clothing packing list

21 Useful Things That’ll Make Next Semester So Much Better College Clothing Packing List! This complete guide gives you a list of clothing items you need at college to complete your dorm wardrobe!