Confidence in oneself instills confidence in others and when others are confident in you, you are able to be more successful in so many aspects of your life. Having a positive attitude starts in the mind, but it also permeates through the body.

While the obesity rate is rising in the United States, Americans are lowering their expectations about their own growing waistlines.

Now that it’s summer, you’ve probably already had to smack yourself on the arm to kill one of those irritating blood-sucking insects that just bug the heck outta you.

Cheat meals are a staple of pretty much all diets. This is because no human in their right mind can adhere to such a strict regimen of exercise and diet without deviating from the path just a little every once in a whole, it’s simply within our nature as humans.

Safe and highly touted as being the best solution to the sun’s harsh UV rays, sunscreen has been protecting us over the past few decades. Regardless, it still comes with its questions, skepticism surrounding it and many people being wary and unsure of just how protected they are when they wear it.

A person’s overall size largely dictates his or her health. While not always the case, as Body Mass Index largely misses the mark when failing to adjust for muscle mass and other factors, chances are that if you’re a certain weight at a certain height, you’re probably bigger than you should be.

Allergies come in a variety of forms; some people are allergic to food, others to animals, and some are even allergic to certain materials and substances. The allergy gods simply do not discriminate.

Mosquitoes have been buzzing their way into the news as of late. With the warmer summer weather upon us, it’s not unusual to see these winged creatures flying around outside; but the presence of West Nile being more prevalent in the West has seen mosquitoes become more and more publicized.

Bad habits can be extremely hard to break, especially if they have been with you since you first appeared on this earth. Bad habits can do serious harm to both the body and the mind, and depending on the frequency of them, the severity and the habit itself, these things can shorten lifespan and present serious health issues later in life.

Getting vitamin D is so simple, there’s really no reason you shouldn’t be getting plenty of it. So many people overload themselves with Vitamin D supplements in an attempt to load up on the stuff, when just getting out more can get you all you need and more.

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