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Touken Ranbu- I love how everyone is so unique<<< And they may look all the same, but you can see the subtle differences in each eye.

Honestly, to me that looks like Junjou Romantica. Love that show!!

All the world need yaoi, so I decided to give you a lot of them. Here will be a lot of gay porn. NSFW Pairing requests are always open and other requests too. Love Penis, they create yaoi fujoshis from the world

Hinata Hyūga || Naruto

Hinata Hyūga || Naruto


My feeling after I read chapter 7 of Naruto Gaiden XD Why did you have to do that to Sarada! I still believe that Karin is not Sarada's mother. Sakura is her real mother! Please make things clear, Sasuke-kun XD