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a horse pulling a cart full of hay with two men standing on top of it
też pomagałam...albo gdzieś pod kopką się bawiłam
two horses pulling a cart with hay on it in the middle of an open field
I remeber doing it this way with my gran-uncle; pamietam takie sianokosy!
three green passports sitting on top of each other
moj niewazny pamiatka z polski !!
a brown futon bed sitting in a living room next to a radiator
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Półkotapczan | Buitenspelen Kids, Children, Fotos, Photo, Kinder, Resim, Fotografie, Fun | Buitenspelen
a crowd of people walking across a street
This is what happened when grocery store during the 80's in Poland received a sugar shipment...
a bottle of pepsi soda sitting on top of a couch
orginalna butelka pepsi-cola 0,25l +kapsel polecam
pepsi in bottles the best
a white bowl filled with pasta and cherries on top of a table next to a napkin
Zupa owocowa, smaki dziecinstwa... ja lubilam
five napkins are folded on top of each other
TORBY [ " TYTKI " ] PAPIEROWE - PRL - 6977841365 - oficjalne archiwum Allegro
two cups and saucers with cartoon animals on them, one has a small cup next to the other
two bills with the image of an old man on one side and a new one in the other
Poland 50000 Zlotych 1.12.1989 (Staszic, Palace in Warsaw)
a brown teddy bear standing on top of a green field next to a white ball
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Mis Uszatek :) Love him!