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anime meme versus managa and the other one is in front of an image
I loved reading the epic scenes in the Avatar Arc, but if I'm being honest watching my favorite scenes and comparing them to the manga, I'm a bit disappointed. #fairytail #victoryshout
i love how strong she got and her character development 🤩❤️ Croquis, Fairytail Fanart, Fairy Tail Fanart, Erza Cosplay, Fairy Tail Drawing, Fitness Gift Ideas, Fairy Tail Quotes, Fairy Tail Photos
i love how strong she got and her character development 🤩❤️
an anime page with the word edenszero circled by a red circle
Mashima ships Nalu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
two different anime characters, one is pointing at the camera and the other has an emote
Lucy ❤
Lucy is much stronger than before and cute too !!
an image of two anime characters with different expressions
GRAY! JUVIA! // chapter 498
two comics with one saying that the same person is talking to each other and another has an
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This is beautiful. *cries*
AWWW I LOVE THIS MOMENT❤ Fairy Tail Anime Lucy, Lucy Movie, Natsu Lucy, Dragon Cute, Drawing Dragon
two anime characters one is holding a football and the other has a cat on her head
Lucy x Natsu and Happy | NaLu and Happy
an image of cartoon characters flying over a rainbow
fairy tail and eden's zero - amunu are flying through the air
Grays left handed but it's okay because he's giving her power